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April 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

I love it when someone’s post really hits the nail on the head. Or in this case, it could be a nail onto a hand or a foot. Or maybe a leg up a ladder I’ve been needing rungs to climb on. In any case, read Macrina’s wonderful post and then what follows here may or may not make a bit of sense, as I’m not finished thinking these topics through yet myself.

First, “the Key” – from Kallistos Ware (as quoted by Macrina):

Underlying all six models [Ware analyzes] is one fundamental truth, namely that “Jesus Christ, as our Saviour, has done something for us that we could not do alone and by ourselves. We cannot save ourselves; we need help. … We could not come to God, so He has come to us.”

Then a simple method by which Ware analyzes the concept of  “Salvation in Christ” in terms of 6 models, using 4 hugely important questions to “test” each model.  (Please see Macrina’s post for that info.) The brilliance of this method leaves me yet again grateful for having slid into First Base (in my dotage) within Eastern Orthodoxy. And grateful as well to have stumbled upon Macrina’s blog. Twice. First, when she was a Cictercian nun. And next, when she reappeared as a tent-dwelling, would-be Orthodox convert. (Now she’s an Orthodox, South African bookbinder!)  If that transformation does not intrigue you… well… then maybe my own “work in progress” (below) won’t pique your interest either.

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