The title of this blog comes from a poem that came to me some years back.  But the reason for the blog is partly provided in its first post.  And since the whole endeavor is a work in progress, with a sense that I need to embark on something without really knowing where it might lead, it’s difficult to know exactly what it’s about yet.  You can find some background on the blog Title here.

You might get a bit more of the gist from another blog in tandem with this one.  Or by paging through Nothingness (especially early posts), more of a personal background to what I intend here.


I’ve now realized that what really matters is whether we live into this priesthood that we all participate in – by virtue of Baptism.

I’m beginning to see my writing as having embarked on that path some time ago. And what is that path?  I think it means living at a crossroads.  Between time and eternity.  Between Creation and our origin in Holy Mystery.  Internalizing a sense of solidarity with all humanity, especially those who suffer or are marginalized, disenfranchised, victimized in whatever ways. Identifying with them.  Lifting up their concerns and the entire cosmos to Christ, who will ultimately bring all things to the Father.  And mediating the Inspiration of Holy Mystery back into the cosmos.  In all we do.  In all we are.  In our limitations.  In our creativity.

So now I see all my blogs, not just this one, as part of this calling, part of this task we all share.  Thus the political blogs, the humor, personal experiences, whether in my work or my life, together with my efforts to plumb the depths of how current events or sacred writings call to us, speak to us of our common solidarity within the Cosmos and our common plight as human beings, our common dignity, our potential for transformation, indeed for transfiguration.


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