Fractal Art by PCA

Click Cy’s Fractals for more. (Gratitude to Allen!)  Joy and Sorrow intermingle.


§ 4 Responses to Fractal Art by PCA

  • TheraP says:

    Rest in Peace, dear PCA

  • TheraP says:

    Here’s a link to more fractal art, which Alan – a professional – has put into video form:

    Bless you, Alan!

  • dru_t says:

    Oh TheraP, thank you for posting this one. Of all I have seen, it is my particular favorite. It is so peaceful and serene. Many of Cy’s friends have sent me the fractals they have personally kept and I believe you sent this one to me also but to have it posted again where people can access it is wonderful. PCA was spiritual just not in a very formalize way. dru_t (sister)

    • TheraP says:

      Dear dru:

      It touches me deeply that you came and posted a comment here. Yes, I agree. PCA was definitely spiritual – in his own way. He certainly respected the beliefs of others as well, so long as their beliefs did not infringe upon the rights of others.

      The fact that he devoted himself to this art, in the last months of his life, suggests to me – a therapist – that he was both integrating himself in a very spiritual way as well as creating things to pass along to those he loved. What a beautiful tribute!

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